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After entering the tunnel ambulance car fifty-six quickly let out "life passage" [2013/9/29]
At 12:00 on September 23 or so, in Nanjing, model road tunnel, an ambulance roared past , it invariably turned a few cars in front of the right lane , let out a life passage . Give way in which three successive Taxi process is in North taxi company drivers Jiang Liping 's tachograph photographed . Yesterday afternoon, the chef made ​​a special trip to Chiang tachograph memory card to the Letters to the Modern Express reporter about the time of the whole process.
At 12:00 on September 23 or so, Chiang master model the road enters the tunnel about 200 meters away , heard the sound of an ambulance and saw the rear there is an ambulance drove all the way to high speed dome over. At this time, Jiang teacher in front of two private cars, and the other a taxi company in the north , he said: "It was not many cars , there are probably a few cars behind me ."
" Including my car included, are in the middle of this fifty-six car lane ." Master Jiang recalled, he confirmed that an ambulance approaching from behind , immediately turn right at lights turn on , make sure the right lane safety , the steering the right lane . At the same time , several other cars also invariably turned to the right lane .
Reporters from Chiang master behind the vehicle tachograph captured video to see , when the ambulance roaring , the next in a taxi to start playing right turn signal , and quickly change lanes , followed by Jiang and his master in front of a taxi in the north , have also turned to the right lane , a second later, an ambulance pulled from the car alarms left zips .
Yesterday evening, the Modern Express reporter saw the incident segment model road tunnel between the various sections of the surveillance video , monitor display , from the day 11:57 start to 12:02 end , there have been three ambulances , from east to west model the road enters the tunnel . However, some people unfortunately, this three ambulances "treatment " is different.
After careful identification, Jiang et al comity master should be 12:02 into the tunnel 's third ambulances ambulance was coincidentally the first car to the line after a smooth exit tunnel . The first one 11:57 into the tunnel ambulance , but not so smoothly , when entering it from the far right lane tunnel , dome light also flashes in the entrance of the tunnel , due to give way before the car did not take the initiative , ambulance had to quickly change lanes to the left .
A few seconds later , at another tunnel monitoring probes show The ambulance pulled into the middle lane from the picture , but the front of the vehicle out of the way once again met the ambulance left lane change , followed by rapid exit screen. From entering the tunnel , just a few hundred meters before the line , this car ambulance on two lane change , avoid the vehicle in front .
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A forward 600,000 times in Figure warmth Nanjing
September 6 , a photo on Sina Weibo , in less than 10 hours of time , forward nearly 60 million times , warm Nanjing city.
Photo, is a congested tunnel , an ambulance flashing dome light , being the middle of the tunnel traveling , both sides of the vehicle have avoidance . Some netizens forwarding this microblogging , said: "Remember the German thousand private cars consciously make way for emergency vehicles pictures? Now with Nanjing edition ! "
September 7 Modern Express Edition has been closed three were reported . However, when the Modern Express reporter found the ambulance driver , the driver is very solid, and said , in fact, was not in these cars so the ambulance , but avoid a car broke down . However, there are drivers in the tunnel that was indeed there are many cars to give way . Either way, this photo warms the hearts of many people .
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