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To prevent drivers tachograph fitted Pengci its limited role [2013/9/29]
Driveway , a young man from seventy-eight m trot came outside facing the front of the car to open very slowly decelerate immediately stopped , the young man was a hit up , removed the lid of the machine , moaning , rolling ...... by the traffic Management Bureau official microblogging @ Beijing traffic police released this " history of the most false if" microblogging vividly illustrates the role of tachograph : If it is not , the driver is probably one hundred Nanbian .
In tachograph functions among the "anti- if" has become a major selling point. But the reporter learned through interviews , the current tachograph records for images that can produce much legal effect , the extent to which division of responsibility for the accident , is still far from conclusive, its legal status also slightly embarrassed.
Anti Pengci ? Speaking of deterrence than a half months ago, forensic drivers Ling experience, even called " lucky ."
Ling recalled that the incident happened at noon , he was Shibalidian near an intersection turn right slowly , suddenly found the right personal shadow close patted body , and then they kept hearing a loud "Ouch ! Ouch ! "quickly stop, down a look at the right front wheel , a 40 -year-old man sitting on the ground , shouting, " You hit my legs . " Ling first reaction is," was Pengci of " . Because just when turning , the speed is very slow , there is no hit man ran over something or feeling.
Ling pointed to the upper right corner of the cab mounted tachograph : "You say hit , I said no hit , too noisy quarrel is not clear and I all shot down anyway , let's wait for the police , right here you at 122 , I reported 110 . " man hesitated for a moment , suddenly stood up from the ground , head out to the car to see, without a word , he turned quickly away . Took a deep breath , Ling back to the car and immediately playback the picture a bit earlier , but found each other from the side of the body over, basically in the blind spot cameras , recorders only " sweep " to the edge of the screen a figure , even if police watched , fear is also difficult to identify each other Pengci .
After this incident , Mr. Ling awake : that is , " can prevent if" , in fact, only anti- " in front of rushing ," the Pengci . To get the other direction Pengci evidence only after the car is also expected to put on a recorder it.


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