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Logger unimportant? Driving into the habit of shooting clan fighting [2013/9/29]

  Tachograph in the country appears not a long time , attracted people's attention or because " Peng Yu case ," a series Pengci clearly reasoned social cases . However, in some foreign countries tachograph have been the owners of the hands of another vehicle insurance, and the government also introduced a policy on the tachograph to advocate to promote the use of tachograph , which is also from the side to answer people's questions " tachograph important to you ? ."
  Recently online " fight racial " travel video let us appreciate the Siberian cold zone sturdy people , especially on the road occurred in Russia thrilling scenes scenes allow us to have a kind of Russian drivers " awe " feeling, various traffic phenomena let us laugh and cry , and our neighbor Russia, the majority of users have been dubbed the "battle nation" in the title.
  So fighting nation in the daily process of driving in the end what happened thrilling story about it ? Edit today for everyone to collect a few paragraphs finishing breathtaking tableau , let us once again taste of what nation on the road in the fight those unexpected , dumbfounding, stimulating adventure , comparable to the Hollywood blockbuster driving screen.

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