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Two cars grab Road Elevated mutual throw plastic bottles will be subject to penalties for illegal driving [2013/9/29]
September 21 evening around 6:20 , the Shanghai Yan'an Elevated on a bus and a minibus driver on " pique car", each throwing water bottles and brutal grab Road , almost crash . Two cars pique behavior is suspected of illegal driving, will be punished accordingly .
  Night of the incident , with the rear of a car in two vehicles carrying tachograph tops , instrument development process trouble shooting and recording . In Yan'an elevated three-lane one-way road, inside a bus by traveling with in the same lane in a small red car behind . Suddenly , the bus driver suddenly change lanes to the right after moving to the middle of a driveway , and I want to speed up more than a small red car .
  Shooting screen display , change lanes when the bus did not turn on the turn lights, in order to avoid rear-end the vehicle in front , the bus lane change , he suddenly stepped on the brakes, lights brake lights . Thus, in buses and minibuses go hand in hand , a small passenger car suddenly flew a water bottle inside , pound the bus body . Bus passengers do not show weakness , and soon a water bottle flying out from the bus window , hit the top of a small passenger car , and bounced back to the pavement.
  In a small passenger car with a driver behind the introduction, when to drive 70 km per hour , the wheels down to the bottle after almost slipping , very dangerous.
  The thought that " pique car " behavior on this end , but each threw water bottles did not let the two sides vent , but the conflict intensified. Distance from the vehicle in two slightly opened a little later , and then they grab each other played a road. At this time , the bus speed right over Middle Road motor vehicles, through the outermost one lane at full speed , and then they change back to the middle lane . While the inner lane is the name of a small passenger car right turn signal closer to Middle Road , Middle Road and just change back to the bus almost stick together. Fortunately, the small passenger lanes inwards rapidly homing , no collisions .
  Traffic police department said logger provides car behavior has violated the law , illegal driving, according to the "Road Traffic Safety Law" the relevant regulations corresponding punishment.
  Under the " Criminal Law Amendment ( eight ) ," Article 22 provides that driving a motor vehicle on a road chase competitive driving , vile , or drunken driving motor vehicles on the road , at the detention and fined .
  As of press time , illegal driving two vehicles are found, the two truck drivers are being punished , the traffic police department did not disclose


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