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Torture propaganda behind the quality of 2013 Logger Hengping notice [2013/9/29]
Tachograph product range
  Now many people are familiar with automotive electronics manufacturers have launched a new brand and driving records products, the type and number can be used to describe Ling Lang everywhere , and now the main online shopping has become a new way to buy a variety of publicity and more sellers is endless, so much as a car black box , to help restore the truth get in the hands of tachograph products really has a propaganda function?
  In fact, now tachograph market just looks very prosperous , said tachograph market cohabitation is not an exaggeration . The emergence of this phenomenon with the habits of our domestic laws of the market have a great relationship - cottage and OEM . This is our most deep revulsion felt a phenomenon , not only gives users the trouble to use , but also to the regular recorder manufacturers difficult to survive .
  So what should have tachograph how performance ? All price tachograph how about the difference ? Recently we Zhongguancun online channel for automotive electronics will bring 2013 tachograph Hengping , this Hengping editing will delve into the professional logger into a production factory to do the professional product testing , but this time to participate in Hengping products also reached 23, I hope that through this Hengping let everyone know more about tachograph
Tachograph disparities
  Now tachograph market does not have a written specification of products and markets , and some tachograph price up to twelve thousand dollars, and some online shopping recorder as low as less than hundred dollars , the gap between the imagined, and that basically reflects the market situation logger , consumers tachograph itself is not in-depth understanding , that it is not indispensable product.
  Currently tachograph two forms , one is integrated into the PND navigation , the other is dedicated tachograph , this time we bring you the Hengping is specifically dedicated tachograph products, we selected mainstream market tachograph brand products , which also represents the tachograph tachograph market products status quo.
  We also selected this Hengping online selling tachograph and editors get these online shopping tachograph found that there are many quality products that are quality problems, and online shopping tachograph biggest feature is cheap , for ordinary consumers buy online substandard products chances are very great.


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